Another day.

Another day, another hour

Another breath, a wilting flower

The light is gone, the night is shade

The moon is half, cut by a blade

The hope is lost, the music playing

A song that calms, the sad delaying

The soft is hard, the warm is fading

A last regret, the tears not aiding.





Fufufufu :3

I don’t know why I’m laughing, I just am.

I also happen to be listening to songs on youtube.

Now, we just started the poetry unit in school

Hence, I will be posting some poems later on.

I know some of you people are dying for my poems huehuehuehue

(Or dying from my poems, either one)


I suddenly realized why I’m laughing.

Hue. Huehue. HuehuehueHUEHUEHUEHAHAHAHA.

I’m okay :3