rrrrrrr \O/

Wheres teh white snow.

Rain. Wut are you doinggg



oh at least my blog has some pitiful snow.

Not that it’s bad no

It’s beautiful

but its not real >:U

And i want to go snowboarding as well.  :<





Hawk-like eyes behind his raven black hair

In the distance, a moving shadow is in his stare.

Heavily cloaked, with hood darkened face

His boots fall faster, as he moves with haste;

Leaving tracks in the foliage, the snow fall slows

Moving eastward with the breeze, as the winter wind blows.

The dagger at his chest flashes in the light

The man in the distance moves forward, not knowing he’s in sight.

Holding down his hood, he’s drawing near

Money on this job, there’s nothing to fear.

And walking away, he cleans his sword

The red-stained snow frozen on the fjord.


This poem was written with no u’s or p’s, as were the instructions.

If you find any, screw you :3

Other than that, thanks for reading.