0.00.13 – 28

Taking a glance over his shoulder, he saw the young man disappear into the shadows of the warehouse. Two shots rang out, and a dull thump echoed against the metal walls. From the shadows a deep red trickled out. Jishin didn’t stop to check the damage. He glanced past the rows of I-bars lining the walls, and brushed against the boxes of used hardware.

“We know you’re here.”

Jishin flipped down his night vision goggles.

“I wonder what Dan told you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter at this point.”

He slid back the bolt on his Intervention.

“Cause you’re dead.”

In one fluid motion, Jishin pushed back the bolt and loaded the gun. A satisfying click rang out.

“Oh, so you’ve got a gun. That makes this game more fun. Why don’t you come out?”

Taking the gun in his left hand, he adjusted the scope in his right.

“I can’t wait forever. Where are your friends? They abandoned you?”

Leveling the scope with his eye, he smiled. A tuft of brown stuck out over the boxes.

“Too scared?”

“No. Just taking my time.” Jishin blatantly stated. A dull shot brightened the warehouse, and there was silence.

Jishin turned around and followed the steps into an enveloping dark, a dark more black than night.



0.00.12 – 28

“Go go go!”

Taking out his Desert Eagle, he pushed Will forward. They didn’t have much time left. Behind them, heavy footsteps could be heard on the metal floor, counting down like a timed bomb.

“Raven! Take the hostages to the helicopter first! I’ll cover you!”

Shoving Will into Maxwell, he turned around and knelt down. His sight aligned on the door to the right. Anytime now.

Gripping the pistol in his hand, he waited for the inevitable clanging of the steel door opening.

5 seconds, 10, 15 seconds, nothing.

Sweat dripping down his brow, he anxiously waited for them to find him.

Behind him, a door swung open. He swung around and aimed. A young man. Wearing cut-offs and a hoodie.

“Put your hands up. Now.”

The young man obediently obeyed. Jishin frowned. There was something unusual. Was this a trap?

“Name.” ordered Jishin.




“Why are you here?”

“To tell you something.”


“There’s one more. She’s in the basement.”



“How do you know?”

“I’m part of them.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I don’t know.”

“…. how old is she?”


‘Why is she separated from the rest?”

“Important hostage.”

“Who is she?”

“Some VIP’s girl.”

Jishin frowned again. This could be a trap. There was no fourth hostage in the briefing.

“Hawk, come in.”

“Hawk reporting in.”

“One sec. You there, Dan. What’s your last name?”

“Moore. Dan Moore.”

“Hawk, can you search up a certain Dan Moore?”

“… As much as I’m a hacker, there are about some 50 thousand Dan Moores around the world. Don’t even bother describing him.”

Jishin frowned a third time. Nothing more than a trap.

“Why don’t you go help her since you know?”

“I thought you people were heroes. I thought you were the guys who had the guts to do it. I can’t do it myself. I can’t.”

Jishin took out the blueprint of the warehouse.

“Where is she?”

“The boiler room. Left of the electrical room.”

Shoving the blueprint into his pocket, he holstered his Desert Eagle and pulled his ChayTac Intervention over his head.

“Well, then. I had better be off.”

0.00.08 – 24

Looking up from his scope, he could see the large gray wall that made up the side of the building. Scoping back in, he laid the crosshairs over Raven, who was point man. The team was in position.

R “Raven to Jishin, we’re in position.”

J “Copy that.”

He got up from his uncomfortable prone position and brushed past the foliage. Taking brisk steps, he stepped lightly into position behind Maxwell, taking the back. He slung the Intervention behind his shoulder and pulled out his Desert Eagle. It was carefully shined and now glistened in the bright sunlight. He could imagine Will frowning. Will was sure that the reflection from the pistol would eventually get them into trouble.

His team was now on the move. Raven stepped to the right of the metal door, and Maxwell took the right. Will took a deft kick, and Maxwell moved into the gray building. As Jishin backed in through the entrance, the dark and cool slowly enveloped him.

0.00.04 – 21

Checking over his shoulder, Raven made sure that the camera had a clear view of the entrance. He could see the tip of a gray helmet far to the left of his position. Closing his eyes, he came up with a visual plan of the assault. He took a quick glance to check that the helmet was still there.

R “Team. Stand by.”

He could hear the breathing of his team behind him, waiting for the signal. He needed the ‘all clear’  call from Jishin to proceed.


Staring at the gray helmet to the left, he took deep breaths to calm himself down. The tension was almost unbearable.

J “Team, all clear.”

Looking back to make sure his team heard the order, he pulled back the safety catch on his carbine. Slinging the radio over his shoulder, he pushed through the foliage and did a sweep of the area. All clear. Signaling his team forward, they made it to the left side of the warehouse.

0.00.03 – 21

M “I wonder what’s for dinner?”

W “Eh. You don’t need to question dinner. Jishin always makes something good anyway.”

M “Yeah, but still. There’s so much anticipation…eh….”

R “You know, ever since we’ve joined this team we never not had a good meal…”

J “Dinner’s ready.”


J “But we’re doing the mission briefing first. Is the presentation ready, Raven?”


W -Frowns slightly- “Oh well.”

R “Ahem. Hey. Don’t laugh at my drawing. Ok, then. This is the warehouse. Position B is to the left, and Position A is to the Northwest corner. We’ll plant the cameras at both locations so Hawk can watch out for intruders. Jishin will cover us as we branch in from the right. When we reach the first window, we cover Jishin so he can get into formation. I’ll be point man. Will and Maxwell in the middle. Jishin at back. Bang and clear. Here are the blueprints for the building. Here is where our hostage is most likely to be. We’re searching the office for intel. Maxwell and I will secure the hostage site while Will covers the entrance. Jishin has to find a suitable position that can see all of us and the entrance, while remaining unseen. From there, we take the hostage and pull out as fast as possible. Hawk will then call in Vector to storm the front. Their unit will be on standby. Only Hawk can radio them, so that we avoid any false calls. We’ll stop here for dinner.


0.00.02 – 21

From what he could see, the warehouse looked uninhabited. He frowned. Uninhabited was not the best word to describe the dilapidated building. Some of the windows on the second floor were shattered. The bay door had years of rust decorating the front. The only things that roused his suspicion were the shiny doorknob on the metal door and the new locks on gates that led to the parking lot. Moving the crosshair to the left, he could almost see around the warehouse to the back parking lot. Skid marks lined the lot as a tribute to teens who practiced their drifting years ago. Now, it was just an old warehouse on the edge of town, waiting for the demolition order. Which was 3 months past it’s deadline. Health warnings plastered the walls from every angle. He frowned a second time.

J “Jishin to Raven, over.”

R “Raven to Jishin, go ahead.”

J “What’s the status of position B?”

R”A few empty bottles here and there… looks a few days old. No more than 3 or 4 inside, I’d say.”

J “Yeah, that should be right, by the looks of it. Should we tell base to send Vector?

R “I don’t think we need them yet. Keep them on standby, though. Anything can happen.”

J “Weather’s rolling in. Will, Max, report to safe house. We’re done for today. Hawk, keep listening. We may get some intel later tonight.”

H “Hawk to Jishin, roger that.”

W “Will and Max reporting in, over.”

R “I guess I’m done then. Raven out.”