Portal’s actually pretty fun.



Been bored lately.

And raging slightly.

After all, who would volunteer at a snack bar if there’s no snacks at the bar.

Seriously, I’m just there to tell people that we don’t have food.

“Ohaidurrr, happen to have pizza pops?”

“Eh…no, sorry. We’re out of those…”

“Fine then, we’ll have a popcorn.”

“Uhhh..sorry sir, we’re out of those too…”

“Ehhh… Sprite then.”

“….yeah, those are… out too…”

“Why are you volunteering here?”

“To tell people that we’re out of food….”

“Why is the snack bar open then?”

“Cause they want it open?”



I’d like to call it slightly disappointing.

But it’s not.

It’s horribly disappointing.

Here’s a random shark. It’s random.