So… this is what it means.


I’ve never fully understood the meaning of this word.

It seems so trivial at times….

Not having depth, or thrown around because of a lack of better words.

I have to admit, I’m not that great at keeping friends.

Going from grade 7 to 8, I pretty much stopped talking to my two best friends.

Pretty fast.

It was amazing how easy that friendship had escaped me.

How weak I was, how childish. So foolish.

Isn’t that the way it worked?

Those nights I spent, thinking out a future I sought but let go of.

Wouldn’t it be impossible to keep your friends? If they moved away?

Split apart, a friendship would certainly fade.

How wrong I was.

How childish, so ignorant.

It wasn’t friendship I feared that would fade.

It was the lack of being a friend. The true strength built upon the meaning of that one word.

The only thing I should fear is failing to be a friend.

Only then, have I failed to be myself.

Isn’t it true?

The important things aren’t the ones you can see.

They’re the ones you can’t.

The things that are ephemeral.

The stars in the sky.

A friendship that holds true.

Thank you xD




Not a Haiku. To somebody special :D

Hiding; insecure, behind a self-built wall ;^;

Afraid that something will go wrong; afraid to stand up tall.

Afraid that what you say offends, afraid to speak your voice;

Your friends won’t leave you all alone, they are your friends by choice.


Don’t be worried about looks; it’s what’s inside that shines~

What’s drawn in books were meant for books; they’re only pencil lines :/

Who cares what other people say; you’re pretty~ And you’re sweet >A<

Yes, you’re cute just like a button. And your writing’s neat >.>


When you are sad… it makes me sad… so please don’t make me sad…

And please try not to hurt yourself…it… also makes me sad… ;^;

There isn’t much for me to say; a poem’s hard to write.

Don’t try to be somebody else, just be yourself, alright? XD