0.00.17 – 10

It’s been a while since the last post.  T.T

I’ve been a bit unhappy lately.

Came across this recently, and wanted to post it or fun :3


0.00.15 – 03

Yeah. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…

I just realized…. I’m saying sorry to myself.



I’ve been busy the past few days – getting work done, and not getting work done.

and procrastinating.

Oh, well, Sophietribiani wanted to start a movie club. I volunteered to help out.

And I asked Mr Sale to sponsor us.

He told me to write an analysis for a film.

And then trolled me after school by saying I didn’t need to do that.

Anyway, the club’s moving along well.

Anyone know who I am yet?

0.00.14 – 01

Today is the first day of October.

I like to think of Autumn as a time of relaxing and slowing down. That’s not what the school board thinks. But, I still see the fall season as a time to take a look back at the summer. And smile.

Sit under a park bench and observe the colorful leaves hit the ground. See the sun slowly going down. Go on a hiking trip.

Or go to an orchard and pluck apples. That might be fun.

Well, here’s my beat of the day:

Nightcore – Way We Are

I like the bass/trace. It’s kinda peaceful compared to other songs.

Don’t like my song choices?

Go to http://www.hatersgottahate.com and type in “FML” in the search bar.

Then go and bash your head against the wall 50 times.

Jishin out.

0.00.11 – 26

Today was such a crappy day.

During Chem, I got a stomach-ache.

For French, I forgot to double space the title and the lesson number.

And I have to reprint the whole thing.

CS was fun. :3

And then i failed my math quiz.

So yeah.

I’m pretty happy.

It could have gone worse.

One thing I hate more than others is complaining.

My brother loves to do that.

But he’s smart. So he has the right to do it.

And I hate it.

I hate it when I hear blame about others.

When I hear about how bad the day went.

It’s your choice how bad a day gets.

And I don’t wanna hear you complain when you haven’t even tried to smile.

So smile.

And at least I’ll get to smile with you.

0.00.09 – 25

Yes. You know what this is.

And you know what day it is too.

It is

Wazari – New Day (Nightcore Mix)

That’s right.

This is a perfect time for a

Nightcore II: Ravers Fantasy


Nightcore~ I’m Just a Raver

And you’re probably going


Or you’re going


Cause i’m really just a raver.

And if you want to know what nightcore is, go to http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=nightcore


And if you haven’t realized, this is the only genre I listen to, other than some trance.


-End of rave.

0.00.07 – 24

I hates.

I hates Chinese school.

And the teacher hates me.

haters gotta hate.

It started last week. I packed up before the bell rang. She stared at me.

Then she said. “There’s two ways to get the teacher’s attention. You can be super good – points to haxors girl who speaks chinese fluently- , or you can be bad – points to me – .

Now she calls me up for every question. She uses my sentences as bad examples.





I think I’ll just cry in the emo corner.

And then hopefully finish my homework before I have to leave.


End of rave.

0.00.06 – 23

It’s the 23rd already?

Time goes by so fast.

And yes.

This is another rave blog, so you’d better be prepared.

I really wanna know

why some people are so good.

They deserve respect. They work as hard as they play.

They’re polite. They stand up for what is right.

And yet. You dislikes.

Because we’re human.

We’re born to be jealous. To look at others with envy.

To push others down. To reach for the top.

And that is wrong.

We shouldn’t be upset. We have no reason to be.

We don’t have a reason to bully others. We don’t have a reason to act like the way we do.

And yet.

It’s so hard to do that.

It takes a lot of effort to go the extra mile.


So why shouldn’t I?