0.00.22 – 01


I’ve been addicted to HR for the last two days… reading non-stop whenever I can. :/

I should really stop doing that…..

And I have a Chem test tomorrow

and French to memorize :/



Must study…..

and I must read manga….

Such a hard decision :/


Well, I should do something…. at least one or the other.

Nah. Imma watch Netflix instead :3



0.00.21 – 25





Okay, enough randomness. Let’s get on with the blog.

Nightcore – I Surrender


Yeah. I surrender. The lyrics are quite interesting, actually.

【Lily】+REVERSE – English/Romaji + MP3


Well, I actually have no more new songs.

I’ve been thinking lately.

About life.

And how normal life seems.

One day, you’ll fade away.

From people’ memories.

And you’ll be alone.

In the world.

And I almost feel lonely already.

Why do I try to hide in my dreams?

Why do I try to escape to a fantasy?

In the end.

It will be the end.

0.00.20 – Troll face – 23

Wow. <no reference there

The weekend’s been really busy -.-

Saturday- First aid training 8 til 4, then church from 6 til 9.

Sunday -Church from 11 to 12, then St. John Annual Inspection from 12:30 til 4.

Yesh. It’s been busy.

On the other hand, I’ve been playing WOW a lot.

Made a Gimli :3

Holy Paladin. Pretty fun.

Go around like a tank, aggroing for fun, take almost no damage.

Then go crazy with holy attacks, and shield buffs.


Play with me :3

0.00.19 – 20

I hope you aren’t disappointed I haven’t done any SpecOps clips recently. Or maybe you don’t care.

Well, here are a few recent picks for songs.

【Lily】+REVERSE – English/Romaji + MP3


Nightcore – Time 4 Dance [REJECTED]

they give a nice calm feeling. Well, calm enough.

Moar than usual, then.

I need to find some good wallpaper -.-

Ones that have nice mountains and cities.

and houses.

With a nice view of the landscape.

It makes me feel like i’m on an adventure.

In a whole new world.

And I smile when I think about that.

<(-.-<) ^(-.-)^ (>-.-)>

0.00.18 – 18

RAWR, busy busy.

I’ve been so busy these days – volunteering for St. John, cross country, needlessly thinking about random things….

Yes, it’s been busy.

I need a while to stop, and daydream. I need a little quiet, so I don’t wreck myself against the desk.

I need time to voice over my vocaloid.

In fact,

I’m off to St. John Ambulance now.



0.00.16 – 05

Hey Remmy. I see you subscribed to my blog.

That’s a milestone for me. 1 subscriber. (< equivalent to 1 mile)

So. This blog is specially for you, man.

Of all these years I’ve known you (4 to be exact) I’ve really respected you.

The first thing I thought in MY when I saw you was “Hey. That guy’s fat.”

Actually, I’m just kidding. That was really uncalled for, and I apologize.

What I really thought was “Hey. That guy is really fat. That guy looks really smart!”

And I sincerely did think that. But what I found out later was even more surprising.

Not only were you smart, you were funny. (Your jokes, I mean, not you.)

You were talented in music as well.

Hardworking and studious. (sometimes studious, mostly hardworking)

and a gamer. (part time)( the other part being an otaku)

and i was a gamer. (full time)( other other part being an otaku – don’t ask how.)

Well. I have to admit, I will miss lots of people from MY when I graduate next year. (Hopefully I graduate)

I can almost see all you guys becoming lawyers, doctors, engineers, (1 gamer, and that’s not me)

So. Get a job. Get married. Get fat (-completed-). Live a long life.