Happiness is.

A caring remark on a busy day,

A young child laughing, while he plays.

The sun shining bright while unexpected,

A text message sent and unneglected.

A bath taken on a cold winter’s night,

A homeless girl taken from her plight.

The soft whisper of a caring friend,

The friendship severed, but on mend.

What is happiness? Where is it found?

It’s in your heart, where joy abounds.


ya idk what i just wrote.

im tired.


A Hole

A place in me wants the sun,
I, however, love rain more.
Never have I felt this way,
In my bleak and miserably life
Even the smallest things bring me joy.

I live life, day by day
Sitting and waiting for the forecast

Living for the verdict
Open the door, water
Vapour greats my eager face, my
Empty void is fulfilled.