So i haven’t blogged since the 13th, i just realized.

No big deal ^^

After several weeks of running through mabinogi I’ve finally gotten bored again.

The premium events and free ap were pretty good though, and i want those cool hidden skills.

Besides that, I’ve recently been interested in doing magic tricks, cause Matthew got a cool new card deck from

It’s a pretty awesome website.

So the next day i went down to granville island and picked up a pack myself.

Madison Rounders.


They’re amazingguuuuu *____________________*

They feel heavy in your hands, and the art on the jokers is so vivid.

And it’s a trick deck too, so you can do some pretty cool magic tricks

So yup if you dont see me for the next few days

im in the far side of youtube finding out how to vanish cards.





Finally got a Hamlet’s sword on mabi

it looks so cool

not as cool as romeo’s rapier

but then again

it didnt cost 1 mil

so im happy

random guild drama is random.

yah it’s random.

get blocked for no reason

hot damn.

well time to spam rabbie for thunder page 4

mabi pls

On the other hand, there’s only two months left til the end of school… kinda.

Annnd… I just remembered I need to send out a neglected Children’s Festival email.

Ah well, I’ll do that tomorrow. :3

Maybe I should actually spend time on a blog.

Maybe next time.


Pixiv.Fantasia .New.World.full.1448669


pixiv fantasia op

nerf pls


Whoops, was supposed to blog yesterday.

But I forgot.


Life has been… pretty normal…@_@

Besides the fact that I’ve just been playing mabi

all the time

til 2 at night

I’m doing pretty well in school….

somehow doing really well without doing homework


hopefully I at least get a reply for that random job i applied for


not going to happen

requirements op

same with mabi requirements as well

rin > rank 1 music

dat logic

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Logic is fked

and so is this poem.

./throws confetti into the air - 157644 guitar instrument so-bin wings

art op

buff me pls

Uni pls.

Please tell me I’ll get accepted to at least one program.


At least one university. >:

Even UBC okanagan is fine, at least I can enjoy the view….


without friends ;~;

(Might actually be a good thing sometimes :3)

But still, I’d be happy to go to SFU

…maybe not BCIT, since it’s so far, I might as well go to Langara….




I wonder if the army is fun…


Maybe I should just roll around on the floor and sob.

It’s really all my fault if I can’t get in.

All the things I would do if I could do. All the would have dones.

And the should have dones.

Maybe I should stop daydreaming

and actually live life

for what its worth.


And life goes on.

So, my LoL account got hacked

If you hacked my account and you’re reading this

Go fk yourself.


Life kinda sucks.

I’ve moved on to Tera for the time being, since there’s nothing much else to play

Least to say, playing isn’t the best term to describe what i do on tera.

More like….

Lagging my way around the game. >_>

I’m literally playing at 2-5 fps.

It… it hurts.

And I managed to win a duel with a mystic…..

Elsword isn’t really as fun anymore either

Sheath knight is little repetitive, and Iron Princess isn’t really fun either.

At least ShK can combo like crazy, and I can kinda pvp properly….

Trapping ranger also looks meh.

I don’t really like archer classes, but I do like archery in real life xD

Eh well.

Life goes on.

Oh hey this reminds me of a post a while back.

I believe it was this one.


Its the 5th of February alreadyyyyy

and term 2 is almost ending @_@

Failing chem legitly

I should actually study

Which is what i always say

But never do…..LOL


Im doing pretty well in everything else

so it’s just derp

Why can chem be like geo or english

where you can still get high marks without doing anything


On a side note, none of the synerds showed up for LOTR today

does that mean I win

cause they don’t know me yet


Uninstall moar.

Guess i should follow up on that uninstall post, even though it’s been three days since the incident.

I was mentally scarred by this event, and I don’t think I shall recover from it for a while.

So it happened at around 10:30 on Friday the 25th, I was invited to a Normal game on Twisted Treeline.

Which was fine with me, cause I went Darius and dunked pretty well for the early part of the game.

20 minutes in, we lost the advantage, but we still had some pretty good fights going.

30 minutes, and we realized we weren’t getting anywhere at all.

an hour in, both enemy inhibs were down, and we still couldn’t finish the nexus, and the enemy team wouldn’t push.

an hour and 23 minutes in, we finally dive the turret to end the 83 minute long game.

i don’t think I shall ever play Twisted Treeline ever again.

Welp, time to do a ton of stuff.


oh, and some cool dude called Lupin made this for me


He’s a dude cause I say so.