Whoops, was supposed to blog yesterday.

But I forgot.


Life has been… pretty normal…@_@

Besides the fact that I’ve just been playing mabi

all the time

til 2 at night

I’m doing pretty well in school….

somehow doing really well without doing homework


hopefully I at least get a reply for that random job i applied for


not going to happen

requirements op

same with mabi requirements as well

rin > rank 1 music

dat logic

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Logic is fked

and so is this poem.

./throws confetti into the air

Konachan.com - 157644 guitar instrument so-bin wings

art op

buff me pls



Its the 5th of February alreadyyyyy

and term 2 is almost ending @_@

Failing chem legitly

I should actually study

Which is what i always say

But never do…..LOL


Im doing pretty well in everything else

so it’s just derp

Why can chem be like geo or english

where you can still get high marks without doing anything


On a side note, none of the synerds showed up for LOTR today

does that mean I win

cause they don’t know me yet


Just me.

I always find that I think differently from others.

I don’t really know if it’s just me.

Anyhow, I haven’t posted a nightcore song in ages.

Partially cause i had a dubstep streak for a long time.

And hey look, I’m in grade 12 now.




life moves too fast.

slowww downnnnn

Gotta work on that rpg as well.

and play mabi.


and osu.

and elsword.

And more pictures.

My list of blog topics:

1. Poems

2. Rants

3. Pictures

I’ve done both one and two already today, so I might as well post the third.

Happy viewing.

I just love pixiv fantasia. It’s incredible.

Fufufufu :3

I don’t know why I’m laughing, I just am.

I also happen to be listening to songs on youtube.

Now, we just started the poetry unit in school

Hence, I will be posting some poems later on.

I know some of you people are dying for my poems huehuehuehue

(Or dying from my poems, either one)


I suddenly realized why I’m laughing.

Hue. Huehue. HuehuehueHUEHUEHUEHAHAHAHA.

I’m okay :3



Fiddle dee dee.

Now just when is the Avengers coming to DVD and Blu Ray?


Here’s to another image dump. Blarrrrgh.

I managed to finish QWOP.


Hardest game ever.

On a side note, I’m so happy today. Must have been first block. :3