Tiam to post.

Since it’s been a while since my last blog post, I guess I should do another.

Only one more day til spring break wheeeeee

If only it didn’t rain that much.

On a nice note, Pixiv Fantasia: New World has begun to dominate pixiv

So happy ^_^

Gotten over report cards, so that’s fair enough.

Guess I’ll go on LoL and play ranked games during the break.






Another unproductive day >.>

oh well.

I did some English, to say the least.

(Some, ahahahaha)

Anyway, I’m pretty bored.

I need a color printer ==

Here’s some cool pictures.

A mistake.

It was all a mistake ;^;

I stumbled upon a Hetalia wallpaper and…and…


I had to save it.


I just had to save the other ones too.

Now I’m horribly sorry to say that I’m going to have to post them all. T^T

Oh well.

I actually have stuff to do too…



At least I’m not freaking out.

I’m actually quite happy.

Iwonder why. :3