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MISHMASHHHHH (of pictures) :|

This is just a random junk pile of pictures. Some of the are wallpapers, others are just fun things thrown in for the sake of fun. :3

Happy Valentine’s everybodyyyy…

Ehhh… No i did not just say Happy Valentine’s. XD

Oh, so now you want a Christmas one instead?

Ungrateful people. I’m pretty sure I posted one a while ago.

Bah. Here you go.

meh. Oh, and one of the pictures below comes from the Leviathan series, for those of you who still know what a book is. Great trilogy, if you care.

0.00.22 – 01


I’ve been addicted to HR for the last two days… reading non-stop whenever I can. :/

I should really stop doing that…..

And I have a Chem test tomorrow

and French to memorize :/



Must study…..

and I must read manga….

Such a hard decision :/


Well, I should do something…. at least one or the other.

Nah. Imma watch Netflix instead :3


0.00.21 – 25





Okay, enough randomness. Let’s get on with the blog.

Nightcore – I Surrender


Yeah. I surrender. The lyrics are quite interesting, actually.

【Lily】+REVERSE – English/Romaji + MP3


Well, I actually have no more new songs.

I’ve been thinking lately.

About life.

And how normal life seems.

One day, you’ll fade away.

From people’ memories.

And you’ll be alone.

In the world.

And I almost feel lonely already.

Why do I try to hide in my dreams?

Why do I try to escape to a fantasy?

In the end.

It will be the end.