Fuck you.

You’re smart.


You get good marks.


In fact, you get straight A’s.



You really didn’t have to tell her I wasn’t doing well.

At least, many years ago, I thought brothers were supposed to be fricking fun. They keep secrets. They cover for you.

You can’t keep a secret. At all. It has nothing to do with you.

Seriously, who’d go into the trouble of telling her that I’m going to school to post up logos.

It has nothing. Nothing to do with you. You didn’t have to tell her. It’s not even important.

And then I have to explain to my mom about this fucking website.

At least you can try to fucking keep a secret.

You don’t lie. That’s great.

Then don’t let her know. Gosh.

Why the frick would she have asked you about it if you hadn’t told her?

You’re brilliant. Smart. You’re disciplined. Hardworking.

And I respect that.

But you’re the worst brother ever.


0.00.23 – 17

Yay. I has not blogged for 17 days. But then, blogs don’t come by easily. You either have to

1. Be bored

2. Be bored – to the extreme

3. Have something you wanna say

4. Have something you don’t wanna say

5. Want to rave

6. Be unhappy

7. Be happy

8. or anything else I haven’t mentioned.

So, at this moment I’m 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8.

I wanna rave. I’m unhappy. I’m bored. I’m bored to the extreme.  I have something I wanna say. I’m… just… eh…..





0.00.19 – 20

I hope you aren’t disappointed I haven’t done any SpecOps clips recently. Or maybe you don’t care.

Well, here are a few recent picks for songs.

【Lily】+REVERSE – English/Romaji + MP3


Nightcore – Time 4 Dance [REJECTED]

they give a nice calm feeling. Well, calm enough.

Moar than usual, then.

I need to find some good wallpaper -.-

Ones that have nice mountains and cities.

and houses.

With a nice view of the landscape.

It makes me feel like i’m on an adventure.

In a whole new world.

And I smile when I think about that.

<(-.-<) ^(-.-)^ (>-.-)>

0.00.15 – 03

Yeah. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…

I just realized…. I’m saying sorry to myself.



I’ve been busy the past few days – getting work done, and not getting work done.

and procrastinating.

Oh, well, Sophietribiani wanted to start a movie club. I volunteered to help out.

And I asked Mr Sale to sponsor us.

He told me to write an analysis for a film.

And then trolled me after school by saying I didn’t need to do that.

Anyway, the club’s moving along well.

Anyone know who I am yet?

0.00.14 – 01

Today is the first day of October.

I like to think of Autumn as a time of relaxing and slowing down. That’s not what the school board thinks. But, I still see the fall season as a time to take a look back at the summer. And smile.

Sit under a park bench and observe the colorful leaves hit the ground. See the sun slowly going down. Go on a hiking trip.

Or go to an orchard and pluck apples. That might be fun.

Well, here’s my beat of the day:

Nightcore – Way We Are

I like the bass/trace. It’s kinda peaceful compared to other songs.

Don’t like my song choices?

Go to http://www.hatersgottahate.com and type in “FML” in the search bar.

Then go and bash your head against the wall 50 times.

Jishin out.