No. I do not want to talk. There’s nothing much to say.

There’s going to be an argument, I’ll lose it anyway.

No. I do not want to lie, but then you’ll get upset.

Forgot about what I just said, it’ll end up in regret.


Digging myself a deeper grave, I guess I’ll leave it be.

The heavy burden on my back’s already too heavy.

I try to talk, but no I can’t, I’m being defiant.

Although this argument’s not fair, I’m to be complaint.


./dubstep it is, then.


Not a Haiku. To somebody special :D

Hiding; insecure, behind a self-built wall ;^;

Afraid that something will go wrong; afraid to stand up tall.

Afraid that what you say offends, afraid to speak your voice;

Your friends won’t leave you all alone, they are your friends by choice.


Don’t be worried about looks; it’s what’s inside that shines~

What’s drawn in books were meant for books; they’re only pencil lines :/

Who cares what other people say; you’re pretty~ And you’re sweet >A<

Yes, you’re cute just like a button. And your writing’s neat >.>


When you are sad… it makes me sad… so please don’t make me sad…

And please try not to hurt yourself…it… also makes me sad… ;^;

There isn’t much for me to say; a poem’s hard to write.

Don’t try to be somebody else, just be yourself, alright? XD

the soft melody

playing in the distance, carried by the wind

around the trees, dancing in the branches

soft strings singing

an enchanted song within

the air, resounding

with a tinge of sadness, thoughtful

drifts past the slow fire, across the flowing waters

not drowned out by the rush

being taken far away

not getting softer, but pushed with feeling

the soft melody

like pages of a book, carried by the wind

slowly fading


A Hole

A place in me wants the sun,
I, however, love rain more.
Never have I felt this way,
In my bleak and miserably life
Even the smallest things bring me joy.

I live life, day by day
Sitting and waiting for the forecast

Living for the verdict
Open the door, water
Vapour greats my eager face, my
Empty void is fulfilled.