Welp, it’s been a while since I last blogged. Usually when I have a good idea to blog about, I forget about it when I start writing, or sometimes i just don’t have enough on that topic and end up deleting my post. Having said that, I’ll dive right into the first topic of the day.

Life is shaping up pretty well? I think so, at least. One and a half weeks of summer left. To think that summer passed by so fast. It comes with growing up, you don’t experience as many new ideas or concepts, and days seem more routine. I’m quite anxious for the coming school year. I’ve never been a model student, and hopefully I’ll be able to stay on top of things. I know that the moment I fall behind, I lose most of my ambition and drive. If I can keep my marks up, I’ll be fine. And it’s going to be exciting as well. I love drafting, and admiring different works of architecture. I’m quite proud of my jack-of-all-trades side, and I’m not too shabby a handyman, so it should be one of my strengths. Though, the hour bus ride to bcit……. RIP my life. Actually, RIP my social life in general for the next four years. 7 classes this term, 12 the next…………………….. gotta finish my oreimo game before school starts ezpz

Also, I haven’t done too many major fuck ups recently, so woot……

I feel like I’m slowly getting more chill. I think that’s a good thing, and I’m gonna work on that. I dislike my temperamental side, and whenever i’m on tilt or salty, I’m usually more upset at myself. I’m still emotional for the most part, so small things that I encounter change my mood easily.

Well, I’ll save my other topic in mind for a later date, that way I’ll maybe blog again in the future. (n o p e)


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