Up and down.

What i heard today made me feel down. Its hard enough for me to discern my own feelings, and even then i know its something im sad about. Its not really about relationships and dating. I wouldnt have confessed anyway. I wouldnt even date anyone unless i was in university and doing well in my classes. Who would want to date some trash who worked minimum wage. And besides, i could end up losing a friend. Which brings me back to the beginning.
I guess im sad because i know how hard itll be to mantain a friendship with someone who i dont have much background with, let alone see more than once every few months. If skype didnt exist i dont think we’d even be friends. Personally, ive worked hard to try to close the gap, trying not to make a fool of myself. Which i have, on numerous occasions. It sucks when youre bad at making jokes or thinking of good comebacks. Some people are just better at those things. I dont even know what good qualities i have, now that i think about it.
I could pull out some optimism. This could be for the better. Who knows, things might change anyway. The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry. Pretty sure i got that right without checking the actual quote. Good stuff.
And im scared of rejection too lol. But thats not really too much of a bother to me. 3popular5me man. 0 expectations ezpz.

Life is easy right?


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