Valentine’s Day.

Another year has passed, but I still feel as young and uncertain as I did when I left high school. Have I grown at all? imnottalkingaboutmyheightTT_TT

Mistakes I’ve made before, they won’t ever leave me. Is that good? Is that bad?

It certainly feels bad.

At least I know some I won’t make ever again.

But it doesn’t make me feel very proud of who I am as a person, if in fact i have any pride at all.

What I’ve done before is who I am today, is it not?

But who I am today might be different from who I was before.

Then am I me because of what I have done, or who I am now?

I can’t say I like who I am.

I don’t have much to show for myself anyway. What have I accomplished?

If theres someone I like, would they even take a moment to glance at me?

I wouldn’t even think I’d cross their mind even while they were talking to me.

As insignificant as a block of ice in the winter.

There’s a time for love, and a time to simply pass it by.

I don’t think it’s my time.

In a long time.


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