About Anirev, fireworks, and other random somethings.

So I’m not allowed to volunteer at Anime Revolution.

Something something it’s like asking to work at a casino or smoke cigarettes.


I’m not nearly as disappointed about it as having to tell the staff that I’ll have to jump ship.

But that’s done and done.

And actually, to say I’m not that disappointed is more of an understatement.

Ever since my friends volunteered there, I’ve always wanted to experience an actual anime con.

I’ve never been to pax or any other huge con, and besides, I was really looking forward to it.

They did already ask me if I could work tech, which would have been my preferred role anyway.


It might have been a highlight of my summer, but I’ll just push that aside.

There’s other highlights of my summer.

Fireworks was quite nice today. Didn’t think I’d be able to go, but gratefully enough, made it at 4.

The trip was pleasant, and we managed to secure a spot with, indeed, quite a good view, kudos to rachoo.

On the way back, I had a slight incident.

But I’m really thankful I have someone who’s got my back.

Thanks man.

You’re the best.


They say fireworks are romantic.

I guess they are.



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