Honestly, I haven’t figured out my life yet.

I’m still the same as I’ve always been.

….I’m pretty sure I’ve talked to someone about this before…..

Do I think people change?

I can’t even answer that question honestly.

Yes? People turn their lives around. They pick themselves up and run.

They make mistakes and fall down. They make bad decisions.

Is it because I don’t believe that I can change?

….I started writing this believing that I probably couldn’t do much to really change who I am.

………..But maybe I can. Can’t is just an excuse not to try. I don’t believe in excuses, really. The word itself begs to be looked upon with contempt.


Sure, I don’t mind receiving excuses. But what’s the point anyway. You’re just trying to push responsibilities, even if it isn’t your fault.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d say there’s a difference between an excuse and a reason. Excuses are more of a fault on someone’s part, in my definition of the word. Reasons aren’t limited to faults or incidents.

Just pick up what you have and run. There’s no point stumbling or looking back, except to remind yourself about what not to do.

…….on a separate train of thought, it’s like when you’re improvising a piano song. Just need to know what not to do.

And on an entire different topic, I don’t talk much to my parents.

It’s normal, i guess, to some extent.

It’s not like a lot of……….teenagers/young adults have the perfect relationship with their parents.

I’d assume most of them have strained relationships for the most part.

Or if I’m wrong, then…..welp.

but anyway.

When I’m asked a question which I need to consider the answer to, I usually don’t say anything until I’ve thought about it for a while.

And when I’m being lectured, why talk back?

Eh, idk what I’m talking about anymore……. too off topic and I need to finish reading this reddit post.

Im out.

Oh, and silver in B division for dragonboating


Probably most memorable race of my career.

./saves in memory.



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