Certainly feels like summer is on the way. Even though the cherry blossoms just came out a few weeks ago. And my classes will be officially done today….

And life continues.

I still don’t really know what I’ll do if I can’t make it into SFU.

There’s so much I dream of doing, but everything seems to be fading. At what point will I know when I’ve failed at life?

How much further can I fall before there’s no way out?

Time ticks on.

Days pass by.

Slowly I’m getting older.

Life is but a shadow in the passing of the sun.

When it reaches the end of the day, it will dissipate into the night.

How can I make the most of what little time I have?

Oh, I should work on the VN.

Or my RPG.

It’s like the story of my life. Always getting halfway through something. The few thing’s I’ve completed won’t make up for all the unfinished projects I’ve started.

Can’t I pull through?

Time to set some real goals, maybe.

1. Work on VN this week. At least get some story down.

2. Get out of bronze by next week. fking bronze.

3. Enjoy this hot chocolate I’m having then get my ass to Langara to take my exam.


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