Okay, so as I figured I haven’t been keeping up with the tumblr blog either lulz.

Maybe if I leave it alone long enough it’ll start to update itself


I’m so dull.

Much feelings though, lately.

Watched Oreimo and that really threw me off…

The ending was so bad >_>

Main character y u do dis

I guess in a way it was cute that he made that choice but





main character i hate you.

what a waste of a night spent watching it

I should have stopped when things we good @_@


Id give the series an 8/10

just for kuroneko.

But it wasn’t toooooo bad?……

Certainly doesn’t top Anohana or Angel Beats imo

Maybe I should find a job.

SFU pls accept ;~;

please? TT_TT


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