Hello world.

A new beginning of an old world, i suppose.

To be honest, I haven’t felt the need to blog since April, and I’m very fine with it.

So much has happened in the past few months.

High school is finally over, and I’m still surprised I managed to get through it. Looking back, everything happened so fast…

I was in such a rush to get through school, i don’t think i quite enjoyed everything as much as i could have. There’s so much to take in you kinda forget to take most of it in.

It’s been a really fun time….

I met a lot of people i’ll never forgot, and a few I’ll probably never remember. LOL jk.

Grad dinner dance was the most overrated thing ever.

i mean,

the food was good. ish.


i think thats about it.

Grad was fairly exciting, cept they screwed up my one liner.

I guess that’s all i have to say….

That i’d say here anyway ;D

Other than the fact my life is totally awesome now

Life has changed.

And i doubt it will be same anymore.


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