So i haven’t blogged since the 13th, i just realized.

No big deal ^^

After several weeks of running through mabinogi I’ve finally gotten bored again.

The premium events and free ap were pretty good though, and i want those cool hidden skills.

Besides that, I’ve recently been interested in doing magic tricks, cause Matthew got a cool new card deck from

It’s a pretty awesome website.

So the next day i went down to granville island and picked up a pack myself.

Madison Rounders.


They’re amazingguuuuu *____________________*

They feel heavy in your hands, and the art on the jokers is so vivid.

And it’s a trick deck too, so you can do some pretty cool magic tricks

So yup if you dont see me for the next few days

im in the far side of youtube finding out how to vanish cards.




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