And life goes on.

So, my LoL account got hacked

If you hacked my account and you’re reading this

Go fk yourself.


Life kinda sucks.

I’ve moved on to Tera for the time being, since there’s nothing much else to play

Least to say, playing isn’t the best term to describe what i do on tera.

More like….

Lagging my way around the game. >_>

I’m literally playing at 2-5 fps.

It… it hurts.

And I managed to win a duel with a mystic…..

Elsword isn’t really as fun anymore either

Sheath knight is little repetitive, and Iron Princess isn’t really fun either.

At least ShK can combo like crazy, and I can kinda pvp properly….

Trapping ranger also looks meh.

I don’t really like archer classes, but I do like archery in real life xD

Eh well.

Life goes on.

Oh hey this reminds me of a post a while back.

I believe it was this one.


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