Uninstall moar.

Guess i should follow up on that uninstall post, even though it’s been three days since the incident.

I was mentally scarred by this event, and I don’t think I shall recover from it for a while.

So it happened at around 10:30 on Friday the 25th, I was invited to a Normal game on Twisted Treeline.

Which was fine with me, cause I went Darius and dunked pretty well for the early part of the game.

20 minutes in, we lost the advantage, but we still had some pretty good fights going.

30 minutes, and we realized we weren’t getting anywhere at all.

an hour in, both enemy inhibs were down, and we still couldn’t finish the nexus, and the enemy team wouldn’t push.

an hour and 23 minutes in, we finally dive the turret to end the 83 minute long game.

i don’t think I shall ever play Twisted Treeline ever again.

Welp, time to do a ton of stuff.


oh, and some cool dude called Lupin made this for me


He’s a dude cause I say so.



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