New Year’s Resolutions.

Looking back, yesterday’s blog was horrible.

Oh well, that’s how life works.

Every time you look back, there’s things you wish you hadn’t done, and things you wished you did.

Which means, at some point in the future, I will dislike this post.

I’m freaking smart.

just kidding I’m not, or I wouldn’t be writing this post.

As per title, I guess I’ll make up some on the spot new year’s resolutions.

I haven’t thought of any yet, which means I’ll probably forget them right after this post is published.

Uh okay, in no particular order or significance.


1. Learn to program a website properly. With javascript. And make a website. Possible.

2. Finish my RPG, or start and finish a new one. Unlikely.

3. Make a folded carbon-steel blade. Probably not going to happen.

4. Make a hidden blade (gravity or DA OTF), either Assassin’s Creed style or Angel Beats style. Also probably not going to happen.

5. Come up with a feasible design for the hidden blade. This should come before number 4.

6. Complete G3 on mabi, get rank 1 music playing, rank 5 wm and rank 1 smash. And get tons of gold. And finish building that house. Possible.

7. Finish building the mabi house. Probable.

8. Osynwks fs l kwjtmmy oajl, bvzjstlk rzb ygizk ew zspbiy.

9. Obviously not a cipher. Nope, nothing to see here move along.



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