Summer school.

Is boring.

I am bored.

I made a checklist for myself on what to do.

1. Math 12

2. Math 11

3. Math 12 – study

Only three things written, with a few more in my head.

The only thing I’ve managed is number 1.


My teacher can’t teach for shet.

Something tells me I should just bring my laptop to class tomorrow.

He teaches like a professor anyway.

I just want to lie down.

And think about what to do with myself.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what to do with myself.

I’m not as fun as a I thought I was.

It kinda sucks, cause I’m halfway trying to work, and halfway still trying to do whatever I want.

I’m doing neither.

If I just picked a path to go along, I feel like I miss out on the other.

So indecisive.

I want to cry as well, but I don’t know why either. But I can’t cry, since it takes a lot for me to cry.

Oh, and I lost my ring as well.

It’s not a big deal itself, but I’ve always felt it’s special. Whenever I think of what I value, I think about my friends. I always found being with friends to be more important than anything else. And this ring was a nice reminder to me that I had people I could bother C:

I don’t tell many people very much anyway.

Well, boredom has won. Time to do random stuff til I get even more bored.


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