Well, that’s done.

After several months of procrastination, and then a week of hard progress, then a day of playing it, I’ve finally completed that long-awaited (not really) Remmy’s Story RPG. It’s not long, and should take around 40 – 50 minutes to complete.

It’s very much more story-based than fighting-based, so be prepared to be disappointed by the lack of fighting LOL.

Well, there’s still annoying maps with lots of monsters, needless to say.

There’s tons of easter eggs in this one, which means you should talk to whatever possible to ensure you find stuffs.

Well, I wasn’t too happy with how this RPG turned out, with all the lame file conversions and mapping.

Darn you RPGmaker for only taking ogg and ogv files >:C

I’m not going to bother with any screenshots, but even in my own opinion, the maps are quite beautiful. The graphics were greatly improved from VX, and the waterfalls and animations are amazing.

Also, the files aren’t locked, so if you have Ace, you can go ahead and rip it apart. I don’t really care.

Closed beta is done, and I’m skipping open beta, so stable release version 2.0 is coming out on the 26th, if any of you care.

If you’re even reading this.


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