This shit.

This is so stupid.


Life is a bitch.

My math tutor points out everything i did wrong on my test, then proceeds to give me a lecture on discipline and prioritizing.

And as she’s about to leave, my mom walks in asking me why BC online says I’ve signed up for Pre Calc 11

My math tutor proceeds to give me a lecture on why I’m such a disobedient child, then talks about how when she was my age she had her own job and was paying for her own things.

“You should tell your mom BEFORE you sign up for stuff like this. It’s just like going out for a party til 2 at night and your mom is freaking out cause you didn’t tell her.”

“But I’d tell her if I was going to a party.”

“Stop giving excuses.”

“I think there’s a fucking difference between going to a party and signing up for an education course.”

“You know, when I was your age, I did things perfectly during the school year so I could work during the summer and pay my parents back.”

Well, fuck.

I’m not a good child. So go screw yourself.

I’m a horrible child. Evil. I should just go die.


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