Not a Haiku. To somebody special :D

Hiding; insecure, behind a self-built wall ;^;

Afraid that something will go wrong; afraid to stand up tall.

Afraid that what you say offends, afraid to speak your voice;

Your friends won’t leave you all alone, they are your friends by choice.


Don’t be worried about looks; it’s what’s inside that shines~

What’s drawn in books were meant for books; they’re only pencil lines :/

Who cares what other people say; you’re pretty~ And you’re sweet >A<

Yes, you’re cute just like a button. And your writing’s neat >.>


When you are sad… it makes me sad… so please don’t make me sad…

And please try not to hurt yourself…it… also makes me sad… ;^;

There isn’t much for me to say; a poem’s hard to write.

Don’t try to be somebody else, just be yourself, alright? XD


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