Haikus are my friend.

Feeling deflated

Being put down all the time.

Don’t know what to do ~(._.)~


I’m not a bad kid

I don’t ask for anything.

I just want some peace.


Is there more to life

Than straight A’s and perfect marks?

You seem to think that.


I am pissed.

This is not a Haiku.

Ah ha ha ha ha.

I am retarded.


2 responses to “Haikus are my friend.

  1. You’re not ‘retarded’.
    I know it’s insensitive and highly hypocritical for me to say you should stop worrying about your grades and pleasing your parents.
    But just be yourself and life gets better.
    When I’m down, I drink chocolate milk and draw smiley faces on my arm. Find something similar to cheer yourself up?

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