A horrible game.

The clock’s tick fills the silence, as darkness fills the sky;

The heavy heart is burdened, like it’s been told a lie.

A whirring in the background is a welcome sound to hear;

It puts the mind at ease, and it casts away all fear.


Three hours past eleven, yet the pencil’s still awake.

Scribbling on lined paper, with many notes to take.

Now and then some clicks are heard; some movements to the right,

The light from the computer screen’s the only one in sight.


Homework still on the table, with few hours to spare,

It’s the last thing on the list of things that seem to need some care.

A single question comes to mind: “Is life really a game?”

If so where is the restart button? This version is lame.


Who signed me up for beta testing? Use your own email.

Who chose this stupid class for me? It’s build is sure to fail.

Oh look, the console can’t be found; there is no tilde* key there.

Error, the database is down, it’s due for it’s repair.


I think I’ll just end this myself, it’s too hard to play life.

I just need explosive lemons, and a small sharp knife.


* Tilde key = ~


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