Mein Day. An excerpt from The Diaries of Jishin, April 26th.

April 26th, 2012.

– Woke up, had breakfast. It didn’t go down well.

– Cycled to school. (Again)

– In the rain. (Again)

– Math. Utterly meaningless.

– Crossword. Haz meaning.

– Thinks about somebody.

– Read the birthday thing by mistake. Laughs at the mention of diet.

– C.S. block. Goes to take down some foldables. Sees that the showcase has it’s light turned on for the first time.

– Takes down foldables anyway.

– Thinks about somebody.

– Drops foldables.

– Picks them up.

– Goes to the art room to cut paper.

– Puts paper as backdrop for showcases. (Pouts about how I had to do it before)

– Stabs myself on several thumbtacks.

– Says hi to William and Derrick.

– Ms. B walks by and comments on how I could become a live art display.

– Goes to art room again to get more paper.

– Does another backdrop.

– Thinks about somebody.

– Stabs myself again.

– Teacher walks by and comments on how fun my job is.

– Goes to art room again.

– Puts up third backdrop.

– Goes back to class.

– Asks to use computer to print out work, realizes teacher has to leave early, changes mind.

– Lunch.

– French. Late. Waits outside classroom.

– Thinks about somebody.

– Chemistry. Realizes I dropped 20% from first term.

– Goes home. That person isn’t online.

– Does math homework while waiting for chrome to start up.

– Gets a message from MisterR on twitter.

– Listens to dubstep. Interesting noise. Finishes math homework quickly.

– Reads blogs.

– Goes on facebook. Says Happy Birthday to a great guy.

– Person goes online.

– Tutor.

– Blogging.

– Thinking.

– Wondering.

– Dreaming.

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