0.00.30 – 30


that’s sad….. I’m like 90 behind the SYs… derp. Well. Story tiam kids.


Will frowned as he pushed his dark brown hair to the side. The sky was a dull blue, and the rain from the day before left puddles in the sidewalk. But Will wasn’t unhappy about the puddles in the sidewalk. And Will was not concerned about the sky being a dull blue either. What Will was most concerned about was the bag of groceries hanging from his left arm as he pitifully stalked back to the residence. Of course, it was his turn to buy groceries from the corner store again, but he had always voted to go for some cheap diner, or at least a trendy all-you-could-eat buffet downtown. Now that winter was near, the chilling wind pressed him forward, and Will clutched at his parka. Even when he was young, he had hated going out to buy groceries for his mom, and now that he was twenty-five, he had less heart to do it than before. Taking up the bag in his arms, he took brisk steps toward home and warmth.

That was, until a small car pulled up to his left.

“Hey Will, need a lift?”

Will stared into the frosted glass pane until he finally recognized Raven.

“Oh, heading home?” Will quipped.

Raven stared straight at Will. “No. We got ourselves a new job.”


hope that piqued your interest. Stay tuned for moar exciting (or boring) paragraphs.


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