0.00.16 – 05

Hey Remmy. I see you subscribed to my blog.

That’s a milestone for me. 1 subscriber. (< equivalent to 1 mile)

So. This blog is specially for you, man.

Of all these years I’ve known you (4 to be exact) I’ve really respected you.

The first thing I thought in MY when I saw you was “Hey. That guy’s fat.”

Actually, I’m just kidding. That was really uncalled for, and I apologize.

What I really thought was “Hey. That guy is really fat. That guy looks really smart!”

And I sincerely did think that. But what I found out later was even more surprising.

Not only were you smart, you were funny. (Your jokes, I mean, not you.)

You were talented in music as well.

Hardworking and studious. (sometimes studious, mostly hardworking)

and a gamer. (part time)( the other part being an otaku)

and i was a gamer. (full time)( other other part being an otaku – don’t ask how.)

Well. I have to admit, I will miss lots of people from MY when I graduate next year. (Hopefully I graduate)

I can almost see all you guys becoming lawyers, doctors, engineers, (1 gamer, and that’s not me)

So. Get a job. Get married. Get fat (-completed-). Live a long life.



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