0.00.13 – 28

Taking a glance over his shoulder, he saw the young man disappear into the shadows of the warehouse. Two shots rang out, and a dull thump echoed against the metal walls. From the shadows a deep red trickled out. Jishin didn’t stop to check the damage. He glanced past the rows of I-bars lining the walls, and brushed against the boxes of used hardware.

“We know you’re here.”

Jishin flipped down his night vision goggles.

“I wonder what Dan told you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter at this point.”

He slid back the bolt on his Intervention.

“Cause you’re dead.”

In one fluid motion, Jishin pushed back the bolt and loaded the gun. A satisfying click rang out.

“Oh, so you’ve got a gun. That makes this game more fun. Why don’t you come out?”

Taking the gun in his left hand, he adjusted the scope in his right.

“I can’t wait forever. Where are your friends? They abandoned you?”

Leveling the scope with his eye, he smiled. A tuft of brown stuck out over the boxes.

“Too scared?”

“No. Just taking my time.” Jishin blatantly stated. A dull shot brightened the warehouse, and there was silence.

Jishin turned around and followed the steps into an enveloping dark, a dark more black than night.



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