0.00.11 – 26

Today was such a crappy day.

During Chem, I got a stomach-ache.

For French, I forgot to double space the title and the lesson number.

And I have to reprint the whole thing.

CS was fun. :3

And then i failed my math quiz.

So yeah.

I’m pretty happy.

It could have gone worse.

One thing I hate more than others is complaining.

My brother loves to do that.

But he’s smart. So he has the right to do it.

And I hate it.

I hate it when I hear blame about others.

When I hear about how bad the day went.

It’s your choice how bad a day gets.

And I don’t wanna hear you complain when you haven’t even tried to smile.

So smile.

And at least I’ll get to smile with you.


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