0.00.10 – 25

It’s 10:20. I’ve been out the whole day, so I’m really tired. Thought I’d blog just to have some fun.

Looks up at site views bar. Stares at it for about 5 minutes.

Pinches myself.


I had 0 yesterday. (I don’t include myself)


Random much?

On a side note, my friend still hasn’t found out that I trolled him.

It’s a long story, involving an argument and lots of bets.

I think I won.

Well. Tomorrow beckons me with a long day of chem, French, and math.

I’m so excited I’m willing to stay up as long as possible to extend the night.

Only when the clock hits 7 AM, I’ll realize that all my procrastination has gone to waste.

Better to sleep and feel refreshed.

Well, Jishin out.


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