0.00.08 – 24

Looking up from his scope, he could see the large gray wall that made up the side of the building. Scoping back in, he laid the crosshairs over Raven, who was point man. The team was in position.

R “Raven to Jishin, we’re in position.”

J “Copy that.”

He got up from his uncomfortable prone position and brushed past the foliage. Taking brisk steps, he stepped lightly into position behind Maxwell, taking the back. He slung the Intervention behind his shoulder and pulled out his Desert Eagle. It was carefully shined and now glistened in the bright sunlight. He could imagine Will frowning. Will was sure that the reflection from the pistol would eventually get them into trouble.

His team was now on the move. Raven stepped to the right of the metal door, and Maxwell took the right. Will took a deft kick, and Maxwell moved into the gray building. As Jishin backed in through the entrance, the dark and cool slowly enveloped him.


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