0.00.05 – 22

Nightcore – Open Up The Dancefloor

Listening to music makes my life so much lighter. Only if music wasn’t just found in a laptop sitting on my desk.

Nightcore – Runaway [REJECTED]

If I seem like I’m raving, that’s normal. I need to do that sometimes.

Nightcore – She’s An Angel [REJECTED]

Because really, there’s no better time to listen to music and rave than now. When else can we rave? Not in French class. Or chem.

No really. Sometimes there’s nothing better than raving to music.

Nightcore – The Final Countdown

I need more epic music nao. Maybe I should switch to another genre.

Ah yes. My favorite song.

Trance – Military Storm

That sounds kinda epic. Good bass, at least. Speaking of bass, there’s lots of other songs by Maikel6311 on Youtube with are just great.

I love the way he does the trance. Oh look, a good bass song.

Nightcore – Doktorspiele

End of rave.


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