A little bit about me.

I don’t want jump straight into blogging without giving a quick introduction about myself. Hopefully I don’t seem to straightforward. I’m really bad at introductions… :/


Name: Jishin Tachibana.

Hobbies: Gaming on my laptop ^.^, watching anime ^0^, reading manga ^_^, and stalking other websites :3

Location: A little town in Canada called Vancouver.

Favorite Music: IOSYS, Maikel631’s channel on Youtube, Nightcore, Trance, and any anime OST.

Favorite Anime: Angel Beats, Shakugan no Shana

Favorite Games: None. A gamer thinks every game has too many hackers, botters, too easy to level, too hard to level, too overpowered, unbalanced classes, or bad graphics. Or simply just trolls.

Dream Occupation: Joining CSOR or JTF2.


my blog’s already starting to look like a rave forum. :/ Well, let’s get on with it then 😀


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