0.00.04 – 21

Checking over his shoulder, Raven made sure that the camera had a clear view of the entrance. He could see the tip of a gray helmet far to the left of his position. Closing his eyes, he came up with a visual plan of the assault. He took a quick glance to check that the helmet was still there.

R “Team. Stand by.”

He could hear the breathing of his team behind him, waiting for the signal. He needed the ‘all clear’  call from Jishin to proceed.


Staring at the gray helmet to the left, he took deep breaths to calm himself down. The tension was almost unbearable.

J “Team, all clear.”

Looking back to make sure his team heard the order, he pulled back the safety catch on his carbine. Slinging the radio over his shoulder, he pushed through the foliage and did a sweep of the area. All clear. Signaling his team forward, they made it to the left side of the warehouse.


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