0.00.03 – 21

M “I wonder what’s for dinner?”

W “Eh. You don’t need to question dinner. Jishin always makes something good anyway.”

M “Yeah, but still. There’s so much anticipation…eh….”

R “You know, ever since we’ve joined this team we never not had a good meal…”

J “Dinner’s ready.”


J “But we’re doing the mission briefing first. Is the presentation ready, Raven?”


W -Frowns slightly- “Oh well.”

R “Ahem. Hey. Don’t laugh at my drawing. Ok, then. This is the warehouse. Position B is to the left, and Position A is to the Northwest corner. We’ll plant the cameras at both locations so Hawk can watch out for intruders. Jishin will cover us as we branch in from the right. When we reach the first window, we cover Jishin so he can get into formation. I’ll be point man. Will and Maxwell in the middle. Jishin at back. Bang and clear. Here are the blueprints for the building. Here is where our hostage is most likely to be. We’re searching the office for intel. Maxwell and I will secure the hostage site while Will covers the entrance. Jishin has to find a suitable position that can see all of us and the entrance, while remaining unseen. From there, we take the hostage and pull out as fast as possible. Hawk will then call in Vector to storm the front. Their unit will be on standby. Only Hawk can radio them, so that we avoid any false calls. We’ll stop here for dinner.



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