0.00.02 – 21

From what he could see, the warehouse looked uninhabited. He frowned. Uninhabited was not the best word to describe the dilapidated building. Some of the windows on the second floor were shattered. The bay door had years of rust decorating the front. The only things that roused his suspicion were the shiny doorknob on the metal door and the new locks on gates that led to the parking lot. Moving the crosshair to the left, he could almost see around the warehouse to the back parking lot. Skid marks lined the lot as a tribute to teens who practiced their drifting years ago. Now, it was just an old warehouse on the edge of town, waiting for the demolition order. Which was 3 months past it’s deadline. Health warnings plastered the walls from every angle. He frowned a second time.

J “Jishin to Raven, over.”

R “Raven to Jishin, go ahead.”

J “What’s the status of position B?”

R”A few empty bottles here and there… looks a few days old. No more than 3 or 4 inside, I’d say.”

J “Yeah, that should be right, by the looks of it. Should we tell base to send Vector?

R “I don’t think we need them yet. Keep them on standby, though. Anything can happen.”

J “Weather’s rolling in. Will, Max, report to safe house. We’re done for today. Hawk, keep listening. We may get some intel later tonight.”

H “Hawk to Jishin, roger that.”

W “Will and Max reporting in, over.”

R “I guess I’m done then. Raven out.”


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