0.00.01 – 21

Stepping into the office, he looked 5 feet 9. A black parka reaching past his knees and hard military boots landing heavy steps gave the impression of a gaunt, sturdy face hiding in the darkness of his hood.

Major General Todd stood up from his executive reclining chair to address the intruder.

           “And you are…”

Pulling off the hood, the intruder shook his raven black hair into position, revealing softer eyes and a much younger looking face.

        “I’m Lieutenant Tachibana. Jishin Tachibana…”

The Major General relaxed slightly. The silence had been laced with tension, and he half-hearted a smile.

           “Are you here to apply for the special operations regiment….?” the general managed to ask. Taking a closer look at the intruder he noticed a XIX Desert Eagle sidearm at his side. Not standard issue, not to mention illegal. He frowned slightly. Lieutenants and above rarely applied for the SpecOps sector.

                “Yes, I am, sir.”

Hearing the word ‘sir’, and remembering that he was a higher rank, the general caught himself and sat back down.

         “Please have a seat…”

Pulling off his parka, the intruder looked much more slim. He sat down.

The general reached under his desk and started to fill out some paperwork.


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